One stop cloud DevOps services.

About Us

Zaikucloud is the outcomes focused specialist cloud consulting division of Zaiku Group Ltd, based in the UK city of Liverpool.

Our experienced team are experts across a range of cloud technology disciplines that are essential to ensuring that organisations will make strategic decisions that deliver genuine transformation, sustainability and value for money. In particular organisations that require help with technical design, specification or delivery of their digital roadmaps and Digital Transformation Plans.

On Spec, On Time and On Budget.

Standard Services

Architecture Review

We bring deep technical expertise and versatility to help organisations choose an architecture that meet their targeted outcomes. Whether re-architecting an existing cloud architecture or simply design a new one from scratch.

Budget Analysis

We help analyse short and long term costs of implementation of a particular piece of cloud technology. We do this by gaining first a good understanding of the organisation`s vision, top business priorities and long term project objectives.

Tech Review

We offer a complete technical auditing where we rigorously analyse your existing cloud solutions from bottom up and give you a honest feedback for any concerns related to reliability, performance and security that we uncover during the technical audit.

Mobilisation Review

We work closely with key stakeholders to design an effective and agile project execution plan in order to help deliver outcomes on time and on budget.

Supplier Review

We help key stakeholders review supplier`s solutions compared to other existing solutions on the market in terms of technology and costs.

Security Review

We help key stakeholders review supplier`s security measures such as DR strategies and robustness to ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive data.

Advanced Services

DevOPS Automation

This service is aimed at helping organisations leverage the practice of DevOps to deliver innovation faster. We work closely with their in – house technical team to help design and implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines using the best open source automation tools and industry practice. We can also work out a bespoke retainer package where we manage and monitor your entire infrastructure 24/7/365 or few hours a day.

Cloud Native Applications

Helping ambitious software driven organisations design, build, deploy and run cloud native applications on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to help bring real business value and competitive advantage. Whether using microservices architectural pattern, container technologies such Docker or using AWS Serverless Framework, we have the expertise in building highly scalable, secure and fault tolerant applications.

Digital Transformation

We believe that the main priority of any Digital Transformation strategy must be to ensure high quality technology solutions and services will deliver on outcomes, sustainability and value for money.

We help deliver against future-proof STPs and digital roadmaps that will enable ‘Digital First’ government at reduced cost by leveraging disruptive technology such as Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Block Chain.